At-Home Teeth Whitening

Home whitening kits are custom designed to safely and effectively whiten your teeth using a powerful formula that you apply to a tray that fits comfortably in your mouth. Patients often see results from their take-home whitening kits in one night but they are designed to be used for a couple of weeks. The customized bleaching tray used to administer the whitening agent is created by one of our dentists and is the reason why the whitening is so effective.

Professional Teeth Whitening VS over-the-Counter Whitening Products


Many patients ask us about the difference between our professional teeth whitening services and products you can buy at your local drug store. The truth is that many of the products that are available at the local drug store are not as effective or safe as the whitening solutions we offer. Many over-the-counter products are abrasive and can scratch your teeth! Or may not be very effective.

Your best choice for teeth whitening is to get the help of a professional dentist who will oversee your treatment and ensure excellent results.

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