Excellence in Dentistry serves patients of all ages – including kiddos! We strive to provide a comfortable, educational experience for your children every time they come to our office. We strongly believe that good dental health begins with positive early experiences at the dentist. The ADA & pediatric Association encourages parents to bring in their little ones before their first birthday.

The best foundation for good dental health begins in childhood. It is recommended that a child’s first visit to the dentist is by the age of one. Our friendly, gentle dental team will make sure your child’s first visit is comfortable and positive. We perform basic exams on children as young as six months and provide regular cleanings and fluoride treatments to protect young, growing teeth. While we can fill cavities with tooth colored fillings, our dental team can also protect your child’s teeth with dental sealants, a treatment which prevents decay from forming on the chewing surfaces of your child’s permanent molars.

We respect and nurture each child’s individual spirit. We support a warm, inspiring and fun environment for children at any age in order to stimulate self-confidence, a feeling of safety and an excitement for their overall health.

Our goal is to help each child, have as few teeth filled as possible and develop skills and behaviors that support a lifetime of dental health.