Perio disease and heart disease are increasingly being seen as having a strong connection. If you aren’t looking after your gums, you could be putting your overall health and longevity at risk. Whether you are healthy today or are having heart problems, do yourself a favor and be proactive about your gum health.

Big Risks of Neglecting Your Periodontal Health

Heart disease is often called a silent killer. But it doesn’t have to be silent if you’re aware of what you should be listening for. Paying attention to your health, your diet, and your oral health could all help you reduce the chance of heart disease and many other illnesses. People with heart problems should take extra care of their gums and oral health. People with signs of perio disease (sore, receding, bleeding gums, etc.) should not neglect these symptoms or it could escalate into other health problems, including heart disease.

Signs and symptoms of gum disease include bleeding gums, gum soreness, loose teeth, and other symptoms. Don’t wait until you have signs of gum disease before seeking treatment. Proactively caring for your teeth and your gums will put you in the best position for good oral health and overall health.

Why Work with Excellence in Dentistry

Excellence in Dentistry has a solid understanding of the link between oral health and systemic diseases. We also utilize excellent tools and protocols to help you maximize the success of periodontal treatment while minimizing time in the dentist’s chair and minimal time recovering from treatment. Talk to us today. We offer complimentary consultations regarding gum disease. We also offer a variety of preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry options to help you put your best smile forward.