Studies show that those with perio disease are at a greater risk of developing stomach ulcers. This is a result of the increased amount of plaque present in those with perio disease. Plaque contains a bacteria called Helicobacter pylori that causes ulcers and travels to the stomach through the gums when excess plaque is present. Once this bacteria finds its way to your stomach, it proceeds to eat small holes in the stomach’s lining, causing ulcers to develop.

How serious are ulcers?

While ulcers sometimes go away on their own, it is important not to ignore the warning signs that you may have one. Serious complications that can arise from having ulcers include:

  • The development of a hole in the stomach’s lining (perforation)
  • Blockage of the opening that connects the stomach to the small intestine as a result of inflammation or scarring
  • Bleeding

If you suspect you have a peptic ulcer, it is best to make an appointment with a doctor immediately.

Why Work with Excellence in Dentistry

Through our top of the line procedures, Excellence in Dentistry can help minimize the risk that you will develop peptic ulcers due to perio disease. Our staff is well versed in the connections between perio disease and other conditions that can put your health at risk and is happy to further discuss your concerns. Ridding your mouth of oral bacteria that can cause other problems in your body is essential to living a healthier life. Call Excellence in Dentistry today to discuss how we can treat your perio disease and treat the increased amount of bacteria that puts you at an increased risk of developing peptic ulcers.